This is a grass roots movement – no purchase required.  

  • show support for those impacted by climate related disasters
  • show solidarity with others concerned about the climate
  • show policy and lawmakers that everyday citizens want meaningful evidence-based scientific climate policies and environmental protection laws. 

Here’s some steps you can follow: 

  1. All you have to do is recycle or upcycle a piece of green material you already have – old clothing, fabric, towels, ribbons, etc.  Any shade of green will do!
  2. You choose how you want to show it.
  • Tie around your arm or wrist
  • Attach to your hat
  • Loop it around your handbag, backpack or briefcase
  • Hang it on your monitor at work
  • Hang it on your mailbox, front door or tree
  • Dress up your pet
  • Invent something new, get serious or have some fun with it.  

3. Get creative. Take a pic, post it to Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and hashtag it…
#green_band_it #becauselifedependsonit

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