Because all action is important.

There is great work happening from many groups:

  • some advocate against coal and gas mining, some advocate for reduced air travel, others focus on coal seam gas, some focus on food choices, some support the student movement. 
  • some hit the streets and protest, some blockade mines, some blockade streets, some get arrested, some use social media to post important stories, some assist those in need, some advocate at dinner with friends and some sit with worry, not knowing what to do about it.  

It’s important that we all keep doing whatever we have been doing and challenge ourselves to do a little bit more #becauselifedependsonit 

Find ways to support and encourage others around you to take action in their own way.

Here’s some ideas for actions:

  1. You can host a group for coffee, lunch or dinner. Cycle to work. Talk about what you know about evidence-based climate science with your family or friends. Ask questions and share it.
  2. You can host a trivia night using evidence-based climate science information as bonus questions or key questions and share it.
  3. You can attend marches, rallies and symposiums that talk about climate. Educate yourself and please share it.
  4. You can donate to a charity or organisation that is helping. 
  5. Get creative. Take a pic, post it to Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and hashtag it… #green_band_it #becauselifedependsonit
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