Our Mission Statement
To achieve evidence-based scientific climate policies and environmental protection laws. #becauselifedependsonit

Who are we?

We are three cousins. Steven lives in rural NSW. Chris and John live in Sydney.

Why are we doing this?

Because we care.

We caught up when Steven was in town. Concern about the 2019/20 unprecedented drought and bushfires was the all-consuming topic of the discussion.  Fires had been raging for months, millions of hectares burned in our home state alone.  People in our friend and family networks had lost properties with many more at risk of losing everything.  National parks where we loved to camp and bushwalk – destroyed.  Enormous numbers of trees, domesticated animals and wildlife have been killed and fires predicted to get worse with no “drought or fire busting” rain in sight.

We are mobilised into action by the losses we’re seeing to fellow Australians, bushland, farmland and native species.  

As we have watched our social media threads fill with horrible images of devastated areas, we are inspired by the many groups that are doing their thing and making a difference.  We see heroic firefighters, risking life and limb.  We see people opening their homes to those displaced. We see diverse communities across Australia expressing their concern. 

From what we have read and understand, without change in climate policy, environmental protection laws and action, we will continue to see horrific natural disasters like the fires that are currently destroying Australia, the droughts in southern Africa, flooding in Europe and Indonesia, the polar icecaps melting,  and ecosystems like the Amazon and our oceans are collapsing…and the list goes on.  

That said, we are not climate scientists and we are not a panel of experts.

That’s why we need those panels of Australian and international experts at the climate policy table immediately – not industry lobbyist and interest groups that want to maintain their business and financial gain.  This tried and tested model of policy based on industry lobbying has landed us right where we are now.

Change can happen when we all demand it with our votes, our wallets and our hearts.  What is clear is that we need to come together to be seen and heard.


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